Andrew for Mayor

Providing Leadership and Vision by Working Together


Public Safety

Policing and by-law enforcement needs to continue to receive increased resources and support. Penticton should take a lead in working with other municipalities to lobby for changes to the justice system, with an emphasis on prolific offenders.  We need to consider a different model to make our community safer against: repeat street offenders, inappropriate behaviors, shady businesses, nuisance, graffiti and option could be enhanced powers for our By-law officers.

Update the Official Community Plan (OCP)

This community-driven process will shape the future of Penticton and be the blueprint for community growth.  It was last updated in 2002 predicting growth to 45,000 people, golf resorts as a major industry and urban sprawl into the hillsides. Now the focus should be about densification around our village nodes to help create a more walkable community or neighborhoods.

Advocate for Affordable Housing

We need to increase housing for young families and seniors. If we employ a different model and focus on in-fill we can find housing solutions for more people, sooner. An example could be...what if not-for-profit organizations partnered with local residents to build a carriage house or secondary suites. These groups can also act as rental agencies. Many people have large lots but don't have the financial capacity or knowledge to build and manage infill housing. Many non-profit housing initiatives can take up to five years to complete, so if we can create infil housing sooner more people would benefit.

We need to continue to lobby upper levels of government for programs or incentives for purpose built rentals to help combat the proliferation of the short term rentals. Many local businesses noted the availiblity and cost of housing were major barriers to their economic growth and ability to attract skilled labor.

Social Issues

The community has made progress working together with various groups such as Tourism and Hoteliers. I believe we can do the same with not-for-profit and faith-based groups, as wells provincial agencies to better understand and address social issues.  That reduction of silo's has started to happen with 100 homes Penticton and recently CAST (Community Active Support Table).


Building Partnerships

There is a tremendous opportunity to interconnect and beautify the Channel walkway in partnership with the Penticton Indian Band. I believe this would be a tremendous joint project, and an opportunity to connect our communities and showcase First Nations culture.  With Penticton Nissan opening this year at the Satikw Crossing we should see other commerical or industrial businesses relocating or opening there. The Penticton campus of OK College is their fasted growing campus and with recent investments in daycare, welding workshop, and future development plans there is tremendous potential.

Business Growth

There is a growing level of optimism and confidence in our business community. We need to continue supporting retention and expansion of local businesses, to foster and grow the local economy.  The current strategy of quarterly reports and metrics, showcasing local businesses, and developing partnerships with stakeholder organizations are positive steps in the right direction.  A strong economy will lead to a strong community.

Festivals and Events

We have many opportunities to draw visitors and potential new residents to our community. Perhaps, instead of funding "pay to play" events, we could set aside funds to nurture new events that can grow into annual draws.


History and Athletics

I support initiatives to preserve our community's history and heritage, as we reinvent Memorial arena as a dry floor multi-purpose facility. The newly refurbished venue will accommodate tennis, lacrosse, pickle ball, ball hockey, floor sports, air cadets, and other activities. I am also supportive of establishing a new ice surface, provided a realistic funding model can be achieved.  Creating opportunities for citizens to be active and healthy is vital.

Arts and Culture

Let's build on the momentum of the Sculpture Walk by continuing to support and showcase Arts & Culture in our community. The arts community is always exploring collaborative partnerships to elevate the importance and appreciation of arts and culture. I believe this is a vital part of economic development in the region.


Building a Healthier Community

There are several innovative ideas identified in our Smart Cities challenge proposal that we should explore. These initiatives can help Penticton become a healthier community.

Campbell Mountain has massive potential to be another park and recreational area within Penticton. It offers stunning vistas and easy access.