Andrew for Mayor

Q & A

What can we do about homelessness, mental health and addiction in Penticton?

- these problems are not confined to the Okanagan and require solutions from all levels of government

- we can all do our part by contributing time and ideas 

- we cannot just 'round up' homeless people and move them elsewhere

- not everyone who is homeless has mental health or addiction issues

- we're working on partnerships with BC Housing and other agencies to find suitable shelter for those in need

- more than 100 new housing units are being worked are slated for completion in early 2019

Is attending UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities) or SILGA (Southern Interior Local Government Assoc.) conventions a good use of tax dollars?

yes; professional development is a vital part of public service

- sharing best practices provides valuable tools to help inform current and future decision making

- council as a whole learn about other challenges and successes from our peers

- UBCM and SILGA give local representatives a seat at the table when important resolutions affecting our community are being proposed 

- any opportunity to meet with provincial ministers gives us a chance to lobby for Penticton

How important is it to have municipal government experience before running for Mayor?

- being mayor requires an thorough understanding of the inner workings of the bureaucracy at the local, provincial and federal levels

- there is a steep learning curve and no manual on how to deal with the public, their emotions, and their expectations

- the mayor has only one vote but is often the focus of all decisions made -- for better or worse

- the mayor is required to be a leader and bridge builder - learning on the job should begin at the council table

What is the Mayor's role?

spokesperson for council and the city

- the mayor may approve the council meeting agenda but doesn't dictate or control it

- the mayor chairs meetings to ensure they run efficiently in accordance with the community charter

- the mayor helps ensure everyone has opportunity to participate in the debate

- any decision or direction the city takes can only happen by a motion of council.

What is the hardest thing about being on council?

- accepting that no matter how you vote, someone will not be happy with your decision

- it is human nature to try to please everyone but you need to make informed decision based on thorough research

- life experience and empathy will help inform your decision making, but debate and discussion are key to understanding the needs of the community

What part of the Skaha Park Waterslide issue would you do differently?

- ensure the community had more time to review and question the proposal

- take the lead in providing ample opportunity for public engagement

What makes a good team?

- having confidence that each member of the team comes to council meetings prepared 

- accepting that each member of the team offers different perspectives and life experiences to every debate and discussion

- balance and mutual respect among council and city management and staff

- we currently have a strong working relationship between council and the city, with the right staff in place to continue moving the city forward

How will implement your plans?

- by working with other stakeholders to come up with the ideas and solutions that work for the greater good of the community

- all suggestions are ranked by consensus of council, who along with staff then set goals and priorities 

What are your thoughts on crime in the city?

- we need to do more as a community (see something say something)

- Party is Over program has helped but...

- by-law and RCMP officers can only do so much

- we need to support law enforcement efforts to deal with criminals while also remaining vigilant in our own neighbourhoods

- we need to lobby for stronger sentences for prolific offenders while also focusing on support services to help break the cycle

What do you love about Penticton?

- the wide variety of festivals and events

- the volunteers who donate their time, ideas and passion to make our events and festivals succeed

- the people who choose to live here and are committed to making Penticton a vibrant, welcoming community